I lost my father tonight.  No, that’s wrong.  I lost my Daddy.  He gave me the most precious gift of a beautiful childhood.  And now he is gone.

I will too, be gone for awhile.

not really an answer…


“Where do you live?”
Adam’s mouth was very set. “A place made for leaving”
“That’s not really an answer.”
“It’s not really a place.”

Image: wallpapertopfree
Conversation: Maggie Stiefvater

Doing? drinking a hot toddy, and considering redoing my small office.

I’ve been unable to write for a few now.  It just will not come. The imagination is cold un-rev able, like a car when it needs a new battery.   click. click. click….

UGH!!  Frustration has me in knots.

who are you…

I will surely find you.
I will recognize you.
Despite where you are
Despite who you are
I will know you.
I will remember you.
I will see you.
Even while you are not here
Even after many sunsets pass
I won’t forget.

I will cherish everything from your words,
To your expressions

Lyrics: Sam Kim, Who are you?   from the Korean Drama – Goblin.

Inky: This song seriously churns things up inside of me.

putting out fires…


You will know you are in love when it doesn’t matter if you sit in heaven or hell with that special someone just as long as they can make you laugh, while you put out the fires.

Truism: Shannon Alder
Image: found on tumbler

Doing? planning my garden for next year and putting in an order for roses, bleeding hearts, more daffodils, some hens and chicks, and a cinnamon fern or two.  They’ll arrive in the Spring and….<sighs>

What am I really doing?  I’m tempering my frustration, folks….   it’s Saturday and a girl just wanna have fun but it’s raining

strange, unpopular…


Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don’t always like.

Truism: Lemony Snicket
Image: WSJ.com

Doing?  answering phones, practicing my smile, instructing a repairman, again with the smile, deciphering computer gibberish, smiling, fixing a printer, offering another smile, finding a lost document, yet another smile, listening, yes also smiling….  etc, etc, etc.

No wonder my face hurts at the end of the day.   Sheesh…


Inky: being allergic to chocolate, I’ve always had to bypass the Tiramisu. That is until a friend sent me the above video. I sprinkled the top with cinnamon & sugar instead of cocoa powder and suddenly I understood “to die for!”

BTW I love these cooking videos without the blather, blather, blather.

carried by the wind…

I go about pitying
While I am carried by the wind
Across the sky.

Lyrics: Dream Song of Thunders, Frances Densmore
Image: Radu Volnea

Doing? One of my absolute favorite times is now.  The house is warm and cozy inside.  Outside, the wind is moaning as it clings to the sides of the house unwilling to move on.  Inside I snuggle deep in my chair and doze.

This is when my imagination creates for me – worlds, people, fantasies, stories…

colorful rainbows…


Corned beef and cabbage and leprechaun men.
Colorful rainbows hide gold at their end.
Shamrocks and clovers with three leaves plus one.
Dress up in green—add a top hat for fun.
Steal a quick kiss from the lasses in red.
A tin whistle tune off the top of my head.

Excerpt: Richelle E Goodrich
Photo: Old UK Photos

Inky: so not long ago, my sister being the inquiring individual she is handed me a DNA test thingy.   I’d always been told I was descended from native americans, some english, french and a smattering of scottish so I went along for curiosity’s sake.

The results are in…  I am 51% Irish with a smattering of Scottish, some Norwegian, and there the numbers fade.  My freckles are now explained as is my fondness for the dram or two.  Life sure is wicked in it’s secrets, is it not?   I believe I will plan a trip…