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Image: Artist Skottie Young, Enhancements CGHUB Artist Aamirat found at geektyrant.com

Inky’s Take: I am totally in love with this, because the girl my friends is the very likeness of my granddaughter.  Fearlessness and all…

I really, really want it!


Yeah, I’m a thief.”

“Honey, that’s such a turn-on.”

He reached for her, and she jumped away.

Stand down,” Kate said. “My hands are lethal weapons.”

Nick backed her against the wall and leaned into her. “I’ve go a better lethal weapon than you do,” he said. “Wanna see it?”


Good lord, she could feel his lethal weapon pressing against her belly. It was big and hard. And as much as she hated to admit it, his big, hard weapon was exactly what she needed. She looked down and gasped because it was so perfect.

“Is this for me?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Take it if you want it.”

“I want it,” she said. “I really, really want it.”

It was a Toblerone bar. Giant size.

Source:  Janet Evanovich, The Heist   

Image: from meterdown.com

Inky’s Take:  ….whistling….

She loved all the wolves…


….behind her house, but she loved one of them most of all.

And this one loved her back. He loved her back so hard that even the things that weren’t special about her became special: the way she tapped her pencil on her teeth, the off-key songs she sang in the shower, how when she kissed him he knew it meant for ever.

Hers was a memory made up of snapshots: being dragged through the snow by a pack of wolves, first kiss tasting of oranges, saying goodbye behind a cracked windshield.

A life made up of promises of what could be: the possibilities contained in a stack of college applications, the thrill of sleeping under a strange roof, the future that lay in Sam’s smile.

It was a life I didn’t want to leave behind.

It was a life I didn’t want to forget.

I wasn’t done with it yet. There was so much more to say.

Source: Maggie Stiefvater

Image: found @ HD Wallpaper



And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Source: Roald Dahl

Photo: Inky

Inky’s story:  I sat on that balcony for three months staring at the mountains across from my little cabin and did not realize what I was seeing until a little over a month ago. It finally hit me all of a sudden and I sat, as my imagination ran rampant with how, why, and how long ago?

To me, and my little granddaughter – who saw it instantaneously when I sent her the picture – it was magic.  Perhaps to you not so much.  Which causes me to wonder, do you see what we see?

I’m back…

Sheesh, Feb 15th was my last post??

Sorry!  Been busy, at work but now that things have settled to being simply ‘crazy’ I can return to posting.

I have been and will be traveling a lot over the course of the next year but there is absolutely no reason you can’t come with me this time.   So pack your overnights, whatever gets you through; the teddy bear, soft pillow or fifth of Jack Daniels and I’ll swing by to get you in a coupla days.