A Note from Inky

I love to write.  I love to read fiction.  I love to travel.  I love my family, my friends, and my animals.

Inky’s Pen is a mashup of all my loves, bound by a promise.  You’ll find bits and pieces of me throughout Inky’s Pen, but if you want to know more, just ask.

Briefly, for those that thrive on instant gratification:  I live in the south, by the sea, in a tiny fishing village where everyone knows your name.  I have friends all over the world.  I spend my days on the road working, my nights with family or friends. I have an extremely whacked sense of humor, and have come to the realization that Glenlivet is better than chocolate. That second hand shops, abandoned places, and mysteries make better stories than what’s going on with that gal and her sister across the street.  My free moments are spent wrapped up in music, art, seafood, good people, and conversation. My quiet moments devoted to writing. 

In other words, I’m an independent southern belle who prefers soft denim, a man who works with his hands, laughing to crying, and my door opened for me.   

I’ll be updating Inky’s Pen daily except for Sundays with whatever strikes my fancy.   You are more than welcome to comment.

My prose is eclectic as are my interests.  So be warned…  

4 thoughts on “A Note from Inky

  1. I am of the old school (ex-journo) in which there is no such thing as an over-abundance of punctuation. And I am of an age where, increasingly, I share your view on saying what the hell you want to say regardless of those who might wish to take offence. Their problem, not ours, eh?


    1. Exactly! I had a dear friend, (editor) that told me simply; write it as you hear it, write it as you want it read, make it your voice they hear. So, I do.


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