Green olives ‘n K-Pop

oopsLove is feeling.  The moment I first saw you, love is the feeling.   As if time had stopped, I was in love with you, and I wanted you.

Love is my pain, the more I love, love is my pain.  The world gets jealous and hurts someone like you, the person who makes me breathe.

There is only one person deeply engraved on my heart. The only person I see, There is only one person who is hidden in my heart.

You, the one person. You, I love you. My unforgettable love. My happy love. Love is, love is, love is feeling.

Source: Park Jang Hyeon Love is,  from The Inheritors

Art: Anny Cecilia Walter

Inky’s Take:  You know things are bad when you’re listening to K-Pop in your sweats singing along to the top of your voice, not understanding a single word of Korean!   What I wasn’t expecting tonight was sentimental music, Irish Coffee, and jars (yup, plural) of olives.  But here I am, earphones firmly planted on my head, steaming mug (3rd but who’s counting) of Irish Coffee by my elbow, bundled up in my sweats, ensuring the financial security of kleenex and green olive market shares.

It’s been a rough week.  Yeah I know it’s only Monday, but trust me.  It’s been a rough week….