Bayou Sauvage – Chapter 4


She smelled overused oil, fish, and something that might have been pine trees, but she wasn’t sure as she fought her way to consciousness.  Muted light seeped through her closed eyelids and with a herculean effort she lifted them, and cried out as the bright light stabbed her retinas.


She pushed against the hands holding a glass of water and two white pills and, silently promising revenge, sat up and dropped her legs off the side of the table. Her head throbbed, that was no lie, but her jaw.  Her hand cradled the left side of her face, ‘ow, ow, ow!’.

Again the white pills were thrust under her nose, ‘take them.’

One eye closed, she peered through the lashes of the remaining one at the man before her, ‘feeling guilty?’

Dak growled.

Katriana groaned and slid off the table her hands resting upon the top until the world stopped spinning and she could focus.  She took in the shabby but clean kitchen of Ms. Prissy’s.  She was home.

She moved slowly toward the sink area and a small cabinet labeled, First Aid. Flipping the door open she reached in and pulled out headache powders and quickly upended two of them into her mouth.  Hand bracing on the side of the sink she turned the water to full blast and cupped her hand beneath the flow drinking of the palm filled coolness.

She turned resting back to the sink and took in the angry man standing in her kitchen, ‘what do you want?’

Dak dropped the pills in the trash, ‘he wants you in Biloxi next Saturday night.’


‘Kit, you don’t have a choice.’

Katriana, moved away from the sink and to the wall, sinking slowly to rest her aching jaw against the cool floor tiles, ‘No.’

Frustrated Dak grabbed a towel and filled it with ice from the ice machine, ‘don’t be stupid, Kit.  You know what he is.’  Dak squatted and handed the ice filled towel to her.

‘A murdering , lying, heartless S.O.B’ she murmured.

‘A vampire,’ Dak hissed trying to make her see reason, ‘a freaking vampire.’

Kit sat up grabbing the cold towel and placed it against her jaw, ‘and’ she snarled then winced ‘he was a soulless, murdering piece of crap when his heart was beating what has changed? The fact that he’s no longer vegan?’

Dak’s head dropped slowly shaking at her foolishness, ‘what’s changed’ he rumbled, his eyes rising to meet hers ‘is that he wants you, like him.’

Dak dodged as Kit threw the sodden towel at him then winced as pain flooded her face,  ‘Tell him I’ll do Biloxi,’ a relieved breath he didn’t know he was holding escaped, ‘then tell the freaking vampire, Kitty says it’ll be the last one.’

Dak’s heart tumbled into his stomach, ‘Kit…’

‘Go away Dak,’ she sighed wearily sliding back to the tile floor, ‘I’m not into minions right now,’ she moaned as her eyelashes fluttered to the throb of pain.

Drabble Word Count: 499

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